Thursday, July 18, 2024
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We specialize in taking older custom software packages and bringing them to a state of the art software solution built with Microsoft® programming tools and using Microsoft® SQL-Server databases.  We are a software company founded on leveraging the industry expertise of our clients to create and maintain a software solution that continues to meet their needs.

Custom Software Solutions

  • Updating websites to a fresh and modern look
  • Implement the latest technologies
  • Develop new static or data driven websites
  • Java, ASP, PHP, HTML, .NET and more

TSI Property Manager 
  • TSI Property Manager Software is a full-featured software suite built to help you maintain control over your management processes and reduce operating costs by eliminating repetitive, labor-intensive tasks.
  • Customer Service Dashboard.
  • Owners Web Portal.
  • Streamlined correspondence.
  • Homeowners Associations - Self-managed HOA or Property Management Companies.

More about TSI Property Manager

We follow a proven plan for a successful conversion
  • Document your existing system.
  • Document your existing data structure.
  • Understand the separate conversion functions required.
  • Evaluate the best strategy for converting your application.
  • Discover the level of effort required to tackle each function.
  • Develop the plan of attack.
  • Execute development plan.
  • Testing & Quality Assurance signoff by client.
  • Implement.

Custom Software Solutions
  • Streamline your current work processes with easy IT solutions.
  • Improve production and reduce costs through technology.
  • Design & develop your own custom software package to meet your business needs.
  • Experience in many development environments (.Net, Access, Foxpro, Java & more).
  • Experience working with many backend products (Foxpro, SQL, Oracle, Access, Free tables & more).

  • The Complete Workers' Compensation Case Management Software package
  • Helps a Respondent's attorney in a Workers' Compensation case to track the progress of the case.
  • Report the case status to the Insurance Company.
  • Streamlined correspondance.

Lex.Comp screen shots

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